Cast the Vision, Plan Strategically & Execute for Results


Casting an inspiring vision enables an organization to shape its future.  Through effective strategic planning, leadership teams develop, adapt and align the mission, values and goals to the vision, thereby establishing a solid framework to bring the vision into reality.


Our Strategic Planning includes:

  • Facilitated Process to Collaboratively Cast the Vision
  • Interactive Exercises to Define Values & Desired Cultural Behaviors
  • Organizational (or Departmental) Analysis
  • Identify S.W.O.T.  (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Conduct the Dream/Change List Exercise
  • Develop Measurable, Clear Strategic Goals
  • Cascade Strategic Goals into Employee Performance Goals
  • Define Roles, Responsibilities & Decision Making Authority
  • Clarify High Payoff & Low Payoff Activities
  • Establish Accountability to Insure Performance Results

Why hire a facilitator for strategic planning?


A professional facilitator brings an independent and open-minded perspective to strategic planning. He or she will keep the discussions more focused, effectively on track, and will encourage team members to equally share and contribute to the process.  We believe there are 5 key reasons why an “outside facilitator” is helpful in leading the strategic planning process:


…if you want to ensure a level playing field between the CEO or senior leader and the team members.

The outside facilitator has the skills to insure the CEO or senior leader does not take over and run the meeting. Also, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the CEO or senior leader to effectively facilitate because team members may react to the CEO or senior leader as their superior thus limiting open, honest, candid feedback and discussion.


…when you need to address sensitive issues and conflicts.

An outsider brings the benefit of an objective, detached perspective and can more effectively diffuse conflicts and channel intense moments into a problem solving opportunities.

…if you want to complete the process in a timely manner and maximize the benefit from the time invested.

The facilitator will commit to making sure you finish the process in the time allotted to do so.


…when your team is not making any progress.

The outside facilitator will raise issues that you may try to avoid and will point out the dysfunctional behaviors that are being denied.


…when your group must address complex issues and diverging viewpoints.

The facilitator will help to identify the issues, generate options to resolve issues, and create an environment where decisions can be made more effectively.

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