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Our years of experience has taught us an extremely valuable lesson:  the culture that exists within an organization is a direct result of the priorities, values and behaviors of the senior leadership team. Therefore, in order to truly transform organizational culture, the process begins with the leaders.


At Executive Impact, we believe an “integrated approach” is most effective when elevating and transforming a leadership team. Our integrated “Assess, Train & Coach” model includes:


  • the critical first step of creating foundational awareness, diagnosis and measurement through assessments;
  • training for leadership skill mastery; and
  • coaching for deeper transformation, growth and sustainable success.


The specific assessment tools, training modules and coaching strategy implemented with our clients are customized and based on the needs of the leader, the team and the organization.


To learn more about each element of the integrated Executive Impact model and determine if our approach is right for your organization, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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