Leadership BootCamp

A public, 5 month leadership development program combining interactive group training with individual 1:1 coaching that elevates leadership competencies for existing & emerging leaders.

Leaders Elevate Their Ability To:

~ Understand and maximize their “leadership DNA”

~ Increase individual & team accountability

~ More effectively plan & manage time 

~ Improve employee engagement & motivation

~ Coach employees for improved performance

~ Improve communication & listening skills

~ Experience more confidence & less stress in leading their team

Prior to the Program

Initial coaching session for leaders to learn about the program & set development goals with their coach. Leaders then complete the on-line ProfileXT Assessment in advance of the first group session.

Session 1

Group ‘Kickoff Session’ with a Debrief of ProfileXT Assessment Results & Responsibility of a Leader.

  • Good and Bad Bosses
  • The 5 Roles of a Leader
  • Success and Motivation
  • Influencing Behavior
  • Understanding the 21st Century Worker
  • Leadership Self-Assessment

Session 2

Group session to cover Planning for Success & Managing Tasks and Responsibilities.

  • Cast the Vision
  • Improve Planning Skills
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis
  • Priorities, Time Management
  • Time Robbers & Wasters
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Develop Delegation Skills

Session 3

Group session to cover Understanding Human Behavior & Motivating People.

  • Self Image & Success
  • Values Alignment
  • Personality in Communication
  • The Art of Appreciation
  • Appreciation Styles
  • Positive Feedback Formula

Session 4

Group session to cover Coaching for Improvement.

  • Influence versus Authority
  • Diagnosing Performance Issues
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling
  • 5 Step Feedback Formula
  • Meaningful Performance Reviews

Session 5

Group session to cover Communicating for Results.

  • Effective Communication
  • Communication Blockers
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Active Listening 
  • Fostering Open Communication

In addition to interactive group training…

To further develop the leader’s capabilities to plan, engage & motivate, develop, direct, and more effectively hold their team accountable for results, individual 1:1 coaching sessions will follow each of the group training sessions.  The monthly, 1 hour coaching sessions will be conducted on-site with each leader.

5 Month Leadership BootCamp Program Includes:


ProfileXT Assessment to Uncover Leadership DNA
5 (4 hr) Interactive Group Training Sessions
6 (1 hr) Individual, On-Site Coaching Sessions
7 Leadership Edge Modules
3 Meetings with the Leader’s Direct Supervisor (to set goals, debrief assessment results & discuss progress)
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What Clients are Saying about Leadership BootCamp:


  • “Best training in West Tennessee!  Can reach all levels for strategic growth and motivating teams and workforce!”
  • “Beg your boss to send you!”
  • “Enjoyed every minute!”
  • “Loved the interaction and role playing!”
  • “Made me a stronger leader.”
  • “Solid program.”
  • “Great motivator, coach and advice.”
  • “Excellent sessions, one of the best I’ve participated in.”
  • “This has been a great experience for me.”
  • “Real life experiences that can be used for business and personal growth!”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised to find the success I had with this program.  The coach was very friendly yet knowledgeable and firm at the same time.”
  • “Fresh material, group interaction, engaging instructor, materials that can be used again with my team.”
  • “Follow-up coaching to enforce and build on concepts learned in class and to develop specific action items…great job.”
  • “Working with other leaders from different backgrounds and the one-on-one coaching sessions.”
  • “Practical, easy to use reference material.”
  • ‘Excellent coach, always candid and motivating.”
  • “Valuable for my career.”
  • “Interaction on real world issues; feedback and encouragement from both the coach and the participants.” 


Enrollment is now open for the upcoming Leadership BootCamp…

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