Executive & Leader Coaching


Leadership development through coaching is becoming to companies what athletic coaches are to the sports industries. Coaching is one of the pre-requisites for winning.

Executive and leader coaching is being employed to equip existing and emerging leaders to master the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ leadership capabilities that will enable them to achieve greater success in and for the organization. 

“What Does Executive & Leader Coaching Address?”


Developing leadership competencies is not enough to create the innovation and transformation necessary to create success in organizations.  Leaders must also master the ‘inner game’ of leadership.  Coaching addresses not only the competencies and skill set necessary to be an effective and inspiring leader but also the internal wiring, conditioning, beliefs and values that ultimately drive leadership behaviors.  By addressing the underlying ‘drivers,’ leaders are able to truly transform and sustain success individually and in their teams.

Coaching is often initiated when there is a need to:


  • Increase overall leadership capabilities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Become more strategic & less reactive
  • Better coach & inspire a team
  • Motivate & engage employees
  • Delegate without dumping or micro-managing
  • Make decisions more confidently & quickly
  • Better manage emotional triggers
  • Effectively adjust & adapt to change
  • Remove departmental silos & work better with peers
  • Navigate conflict with greater skill
  • Elevate the level of accountability
  • Increase trust & loyalty in the team
  • Efficiently manage tasks & priorities
  • Increase time management skills
  • Prevent inappropriate or unnecessary turnover
  • Learn to redeploy & realign talent
  • Model balance & leadership effectiveness


Executive Impact’s integrated approach to leader development includes:

assess, train & coach…


Foundational awareness, diagnosis and measurement uncovers the “leadership DNA” as well as the impact the leader is perceived to have on the organization, identifying leadership strengths as well as potential areas for development.


Tapping into our menu of over 20 Leadership Edge modules, leaders are interactively and experientially trained to master key leadership competencies.


1:1 coaching for the leader is personalized and empowers the leader to elevate his or her ‘inner game’ of leadership, accelerating deeper transformation, growth and sustainable success.

Our Executive & Leader Coaching Process…



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