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On Friday, September 29, 2017, thirty-nine Komatsu Ripley Parts Operations Managers and Supervisors graduated from a year-long comprehensive leadership training program. Focusing on improving overall leadership competencies, the thirty-nine Ripley Managers participated in ten separate half-day coach facilitated training sessions covering topics ranging from Understanding Human Behavior to the Art of Delegation and Coaching for Excellence. In addition to the group sessions, leaders participated in monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with their assigned certified coaches to work on individualized goals and challenges. Vertical Team Alignment Sessions were conducted at the end of the year to calibrate and ensure alignment and sustainability across all teams.

General Manager, Abe Riddle, said of the program, “Over the past year I have watched the Ripley leadership grow from good to great. Their hard work and dedication to their leadership development has led to a strong bond among the entire team filled with trust and transparency, a deeper understanding of how to truly lead people which in turn has had a positive impact on business results.”

“Over the past year Ripley has reduced shipping errors, increased productivity, reduced costs, dedicated many hours to developing a new parts system, maintained a high level of customer service and despite a 30% increase in volume, the team has held on with reasonable availability to distribution. I am very proud of the leaders in Ripley!”

Abe Riddle
General Manager


Having worked with Alissa and her team at Executive Impact on several coaching and leadership development programs since 2013, we consistently receive feedback and insight we can count on.  You’ve helped us save leaders we didn’t think would make it; we’ve improved teamwork and business results; and it has added fun and energy to the company culture.  As a senior leader, you’ve made my life easier.  We are able to do more things in the business that we’ve never been able to do before.

Regarding the Executive Impact two-day leadership retreat, I speak for myself and my team when I say that we are not normally impressed ~ we are not a group who normally drinks the ‘kool-aid.’  However, I now include this information and the ProfileXT Assessment as a ‘best practice’ in my meetings with the rest of the organization.  What you created in our two-day leadership retreat is something our team needed and I was unable to do for them.  A priceless gift to me was the process to allow my team a more positive, enjoyable work experience.

John Wilkinson
Senior Manufacturing Operations Leader


I LOVED the “Leadership” BootCamp!  The program has helped me elevate my leadership skills in so many ways ~ tools to proactively lead, coach and motivate my team, all while effectively holding them accountable.  I am now accomplishing more with less stress and enjoy my role so much more! The group training sessions are wonderful, especially to interact with other leaders in different industries. However, the one-on-one coaching sessions are my favorite part because they provided me the extra motivation, encouragement and accountability to put into action all I learned.

Cheryl Hartsell
Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer


“I wanted to follow up and reiterate to you how much I appreciate the excellent work you have done and continue to do with our Jackson Plant team.  Outstanding off-site Friday.  I think we accomplished a great deal.  Our continued growth as a highly performing leadership team is enhanced and accelerated by your guidance and coaching, and I look forward to continuing our relationship.  I consider you a part of our team!”

Mike Pace
Plant Manager


Manpower MidSouth engaged with Alissa DeWitt and her team at Executive Impact since May, 2016.  She and her coaches have always exceeded our expectations. Our staff has enjoyed growing and developing themselves with personal attention from Executive Impact coaches, excellent targeted assessments and materials.

We have sent over a dozen leaders to the Leadership BootCamp, with consistently enthusiastic feedback from the graduates of the program. Our executive team has greatly benefited from one-on-one coaching and development as well as executive team sessions to facilitate Vision/Values and Business Strategy.  There is no doubt that we have experienced improved financial results in the business and have been able to grow a more effective staff and team with Executive Impact’s valuable support.

Jeff Marshall
Franchise Owner


Alissa, to sum up the overall value of the training, I think Syed said it best.  The teamwork and synergy gained in the two and a half day session was more than he would have gleaned from working another 3 years doing the same thing in his current role.

Your training program and workshop has an uncanny way of illuminating the dark spots that people are uncomfortable dealing with.  Not as a way of embarrassing or punishing them, but gives them a real candid look at themselves and the team and offers some solutions in a real-world work environment.

It is extremely hard to even quantify the overall benefit and immediate changes I am seeing in my team.  I did e-mail my boss, the VP of Finance, who was very interested in how the training was going and I stated that we now have a team that is willing and able to take on Hamburger Hill if we needed them too (army reference).  As the leader of the accounting and finance area I could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Darrell Allgood
CFO, Controller


As a small, tier 2 supplier in the auto industry and in business for six decades, we began looking to better prepare ourselves to compete in today’s global marketplace. We recognized a need to improve the leadership skill sets of our first line supervisors, both shop floor and back office. We considered multiple options, both internal and external, for delivery of a comprehensive leadership development program. We selected the “Leadership Edge” program from Executive Impact and quite candidly could not be happier with our decision. Executive Impact combines 4 key elements that we have found to be game changers for our supervisors:

First is the use of an individual assessment tool to help the participants understand themselves better, identifying strengths and opportunities, and more importantly identifying how each individual is “naturally wired”. We have seen this self-awareness aid the learning process for each of our participants.

Second is the quality of the training tools. Executive Impact has partnered with some of the premier leadership education providers and we found the content to be quite relevant for us and topical for today’s work environments.

Third is the delivery of the material. This was quite important for us. We have found that the best material in the world, poorly delivered, has limited results. In this case, Alissa DeWitt provided a high energy, high engagement environment that facilitated true learning. Most of our participants came away telling me that it was the best training of their careers.

And lastly, the one-on-one follow-up with each participant in between sessions helped translate the learning into observable actions. We found this technique to be quite a differentiator for the “Leadership Edge” program. It helped us to ensure that the learnings in each of the sessions become part of our new leadership culture. Alissa provided a level of accountability that you don’t often find in training programs. It wasn’t enough for her to say that she delivered the training. She wanted to deliver a better level of leadership performance.

And, we can safely say that she did so!  Our leaders are performing better, our teams are performing better and we truly believe that we are better prepared to compete. And interestingly enough, our employees are telling us that they are being better led. I can think of no higher endorsement.

Russell Williams
VP and General Manager


When I began my leadership training, I thought “Great, more team building!” I was so wrong. Alissa opened my eyes to new ideas that changed my attitude, mindset, and eventually my job performance for the better. My perspective shifted to one of being more accountable as a leader and to seek the best possible outcome in every employee-related situation.  The training and coaching equipped me to process things more positively and to avoid taking work related conflicts personally.  Alissa is one who truly believes in the work she is doing. Thanks Alissa!

Steve Brasher
Team Leader

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