What is “Culture”?

Culture, simply stated, is “the way we do things around here.”  It is the (often unspoken) rules of behavior, values, and attitudes that are present within an organization or business ~ the attributes that silently govern interactions, communication, processes, procedures, decision making, problem solving and ultimately affects the success or failure of an entity.

Where Does It Come From?

At the root of culture, whether a vibrant, healthy culture or one that is at risk for life threatening disease, is “values.”  Values are the deeply held principles that people adhere to when making decisions. Research shows that there is a strong link between financial performance and the alignment of an organization’s operating values to the leaders’ and employees’ personal values.

Measurement Matters

Traditionally, intangibles such as culture and values have been difficult to measure and, therefore, have not been included as part of the workplace leader’s scorecard or the dashboard of key performance indicators.  Today, we have an innovative suite of assessment tools available to diagnose the values of individuals and organizations (the Cultural Values Assessment or “CVA”). The CVA is a detailed diagnostic of organizational culture which provides a roadmap for continuous improvement.